Love for giving

Happy Pins was created out of love for giving. Our idea is to create unique gifts for guests which don’t fade into oblivion. We know how many events in life have a special meaning to you. We want them to be remembered also by your guests. That’s why we’ve created ‘the perfect gift’. Above all Happy Pins are durable and pleasing to the eye solution which will make events such as wedding, baptism or baby shower even more special. It’s up to you at what point in your life you’ll give this unique gift.


Wedding of your dreams

We know how much you care about the perfect wedding reception. Our pins will be the unique addition which will help to fulfill the vision of your dream wedding. We enable personalization of cards and pins, so we can match them to the style of your celebration.

For each and every occasion

Happy Pins are not just the gifts for your wedding guests. We offer variety of designs and personalization possibilities, so you can use our pins at many different events. Baptism, baby shower, birthday or business event… it depends only on your creativity!

Designed especially for you

We fokus on the highest quality and presentation of the product. Each pin is sold in a set with a card which can be personalized especially for you. Thanks to this, the finished product looks unique and fully adapts to the characteristics of your event.

Our products

Our offer

B2B Projects

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The Perfect Gift

In our standing offer you’ll find variety of hand-painted pins which will be a perfect gift for your guests. In addition to our designs, you can also create your own ones which will fit fully into your idea. Each new project is a challenge for us, so we are able to precisely prepare even the most complex design. Our products are designer in Poland and made out of the high quality materials to meet the expectations of even the most demanging customers.

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