The processing time is individual and depends on several factors. Creating a design or card on order extends its processing time. It usually takes no more than a month. Orders with already existing designs (available in the standing offer) or smaller quantities are made much faster.

For now, our pins can only be seen in Torun at the Copernicus Shopping Gallery on the islet “ProDeko”, but who knows what will the time bring … 🙂

The price is set individually and depends on the complexity of the design (size, number of colors). You also have to pay 200PLN for the matrix.

Pins have a soft needle on the back, on which you stick a rubber clasp. Wearing our pins doesn’t cause discomfort when worn and does not damage clothes.

Pins from our offer can be matched with any occasion – it’s just a matter of imagination and creativity. Cards can be personalized that’s why they’ll fit into a variety of events. People who want to process their own idea can use the option of creating their own pin or card. In addition, we offer several universal cards that will be suitable for many circumstances.

We issue a bill or invoice. We charge 50% or 100% of the price before starting to process the project. It depends on how far in advance the order was placed.

The price depends on the number of pins ordered. The higher the quantity, the lower the price for a single pin.

There is no minimum order quantity, but for larger orders the price for a single pin decreases.

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